Scientific Literacy in Doping and Anti-doping

Do you lack scientific knowledge to better face the anti-doping challenge?

If the answer is yes, our literacy course is exactly what you need.


Performance-enhancing drugs and prohibited methods are not only the biggest enemy of sports today; they also represent an unprecedented challenge for all sports-related organizations. The problem is compounded by the rising complexity of both the doping methods and the anti-doping technologies. As a result, unless you are a scientist working in an anti-doping laboratory, chances are you are experiencing growing knowledge gaps.

Helping you to rapidly fill the gaps to reach a state of competence and learning autonomy is what this 2 day intensive course is all about.

Target audience 
All scientists and non-scientists active or interested in the fight against doping: anti-doping managers and other officials in sports federations, members of medical commissions, legal experts, physicians, regulatory officials, coaches and trainers, journalists, and any other professional wishing to gain a simple, yet scientifically-sound understanding of doping/anti-doping.
Some (non-scientific) knowledge about doping in sports is recommended