Biotech 12-Packs: rapid e-learning and serious fun

Disruptive innovations in biotechnology


Is it a movie? Yes

Is it a science course? Yes

Is it a language course? Yes

Is it a dictionary? Yes

Does it ask questions? Yes

Is it a cheat-sheet? Yes

Is it complicated? No, it’s an antidote to unnecessary complexity


Biotech 12 packs offer two complementary resources:


1. Video lectures  
Compelling stories that explain complexity simply: watch a sample.

2. Biotech Toolboxes
Interactive glossaries to learn the usage of all the relevant science words:



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- First Biotech 12-Pack: Oncology  
- First module: CAR T cells
  Published May 27, 2019

- Second module: Checkpoint inhibitors
   Published September 18, 2019

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How does it work?

Biotech 12 Packs are created and published much like a scientific magazine. As a subscriber, you will receive new modules on a regular basis, once every three to four weeks.


Each module contains a set of short video lectures (averaging 5 minutes) and community resources: a discussion forum, a journal for taking notes that can be shared, reference materials, announcements and short quizzes to test your knowledge.


With each new module comes a set of Biotech toolboxes that introduce relevant key terms, essential for mastering the common territory of all biotechnology. These terms constitute a growing Biotech Toolboxes Encyclopedia, a framework for the creation of shareable life sciences knowledge for all stakeholders in healthcare.


As a subscriber you will get unlimited access to the content of all Biotech Toolboxes that are part of your Biotech 12 pack subscription. Content will be updated regularly, with a growing community of expert contributors.



Target Audience:

- Non-scientists working in drug development
- Scientists working in drug development

- Medical doctors in need of CME

- Investors

- Regulatory Affairs professionals

- Nurses and other caregivers

- Patient advocates
University students interested in life sciences
- Anyone with an interest in cancer therapies



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