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The Storytelling of Science and the Science of Storytelling
By Vanya Loroch, Ph D Biotech Industry, Life science support industry, Other
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Stories are arguably among the most effective means to communicate and teach. The reason is simple: stories are merely frameworks to create opportunities to experience different emotions and humans learn principally through emotions.
By Vanya Loroch, Ph D Biotech Industry, Other, Pharma industry, Secret gardens
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The IVF protocols are erroneous and the consequences on the children’s health potentially dramatic. A team of Swiss scientists working on this subject have published their findings . Click here for abstract. Their conclusions are as simple as they are worrisome (I am quoting): Healthy children conceived by assisted reproductive technology display generalized vascular dysfunction. This problem does not appear to be related to parental factors, but to the assisted reproductive...
The opposite of Nuclear Energy
By Vanya Loroch, Ph D Biotech Industry, Government sector, Other
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Millions of different people around the world anxiously watch the heroic efforts of Japanese firefighters, soldiers and Tepco employees to prevent multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Store clerks, biochemists, presidents, ballet dancers, janitors, lawyers… all of us ask ourselves different questions about this near-catastrophic event and our questions depend on who we are and how we are educated. You may have noticed that experts are generally not very good at...