The IVF protocols are erroneous and the consequences on the children’s health potentially dramatic.


A team of Swiss scientists working on this subject have published their findings . Click here for abstract.


Their conclusions are as simple as they are worrisome (I am quoting): Healthy children conceived by assisted reproductive technology display generalized vascular dysfunction. This problem does not appear to be related to parental factors, but to the assisted reproductive technology procedure itself.

The mechanisms that may explain this finding appear to be epigenetic and could therefore be hereditary. This may make the news even more troublesome and demonstrates that epigenetics may be a giant piece of the puzzle that makes us healthy or not… us, our children, grand-children, etc. And that pour behavior impacts directly the health of our descendants. Not much to do with Darwin, by the way (for those who do not know what epigenetics is all about).On a more general level, this news is yet another illustration that a medical procedure (such as IVF in this case) that doesn’t integrate thorough biological questioning can be quite dangerous. It is not a criticism – we do what we can with what we know at the time we do it – but it points to an even larger problem. The issues we face today in our world are often so complex that lay people CANNOT blindly trust experts (IVF protocols or FUKUSHIMA are two very different examples… but maybe not that different, come to think about it). If we want a better world for your children, it may be absolutely essential to build a transdisciplinary knowledge and learning society where lay people are educated ENOUGH to throw the right questions at the experts and make informed decisions together. 


WE NEED REAL UNIVERSAL LIFE SCIENCE EDUCATION FOR ALL (what 99% of the people are getting is a sad joke).


If we fail to achieve this, utter irrationality (e.g. the GMO debate in Europe) or worse (unnecessary suffering) are bound to happen, again and again.