Qatar National Anti-Doping Committee honors Trainees of Doping and Anti-Doping course

(original article published on the website of the Qatar Olympic Committee)


DOHA, 16 April, 2011 - The productive course entitled “Scientific Literacy in Doping and  Anti Doping”  organized by Qatar Olympic Committee throughout  Qatar National Anti Doping Committee (QNADC) was concluded at Las Cigale hotel, Doha earlier Wednesday.


Following the course’s closing session, Dr. Fatima Khamis Al-Malki, Director of  Qatar National Anti Doping Committee and Professor Vanya Loroch, the Course’s Key speaker have jointly honored trainees with appreciation certificates.


Around 30 trainees including doctors, pharmacists, technicians and non-scientific figures from Qatar, Japan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates ,Saudi Arabia and Singapore took part in the three–day training course.


Senior doping experts from Switzerland, France , Cyprus  have provided participants with valuable information about types of doping, definition of doping, their effects  on the  human body’s  parts and organs.


The course held for the first time in the Middle East Region after had been organized consecutively in Switzerland, Hong Kong and the UK..


The course mainly aims to increase the trainees culture about doping and to help them learn scientific methods could be used in dealing with doping problems in sport sector.


QNADC director, Mrs. Al-Malki has also appreciated the effort of Qatar Olympic Committee in training and development.


On other hand, Professor Loroch has lauded the Qatar’s profound concern over sport development and its professionalism in hosting international sport and scientific events.


Likewise the QNADC members and observers including, Dr. Mamoun Abbass, Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Saieed, Dr. Hassan El Emam, Lanna Azhari, Sabreena Star,  Jamal Al-Rumaihi, Nuha Ahmed Mahmoud  have unanimously made remarks, appreciated the course’s values in increasing trainees’ knowledge about Doping and Anti-Doping problems in sport domain.