Oncology for non-oncologists in 2018
Location to be announced, Dates to be announced
This course offers a simplified, yet a scientifically rigorous and comprehensive introduction to cancer. It explains the molecular biology of healthy, dysplastic and neoplastic cells, what  tumors are made off and explores in detail all recognized cancer hallmarks. By so doing, it draws the big picture of oncology and connects specific expert issues to the whole.
Immuno-oncology for non-biologists
Basel, June 13-14
Forty-seven years ago, US president Richard Nixon declared the War on Cancer. Many battles have been waged since that day, some were won, many were lost. And then came modern immunotherapies…Leveraging on our 12 year-long experience in transdisciplinary life science education aimed at busy professionals, this small group course acts as a springboard to explore with confidence all the sciences of immuno-oncology.