The Science Storyteller's Toolbox

Learn how to use your hidden communication tools on purpose!


All of us have experienced, at least once, the joy of listening to an outstanding communicator: a charismatic business executive, an amazing teacher, an empathic team leader or an inspiring conference speaker.

What makes them so special to us? It is not only what they say, it is also how they say it and how they are with us and how we end up being with them, together. All these people excel in their ability to use fundamental communication tools inside a toolbox that we all have in common. What makes a communicator a master communicator is simply the ability to use these tools on purpose.

The Storyteller's Toolbox workshop will introduce you to the fundamental communication tools in a very practical way. The method you will learn is both comprehensive and rapid. It is comprehensive because it will show you not only what these fundamental tools are and how to use them but also how you can assemble them to support any communication-driven task. And it is rapid thanks to a unique sequence of simple initiating exercises that instantly create awareness of these tools and that will unleash the master communicator within you in record time.

Introductory video


Target audience 
Researchers, teachers, business executives, team leaders, managers, public speakers and anyone wishing to dramatically improve his/her presentation skills.

SBA members Fr. 1530.00

All others Fr. 1800.00


Cost includes:

- All course supplies

- Follow-up interactive video portfolio

- Individualized follow-up action plan

- Lunches and treats