Immunology for non-biologists customized sessions

A shareable knowledge course for pharma/biotech professionals.


For a long time, the immune system was thought to be merely a defense system against infections, isolated from other physiological systems…

We now know that it is much more than that. From monitoring the quality of every gene expressed in our bodies to killing old or imperfect cells and repairing all kinds of tissue damage, the immune system can keep us healthy throughout  most of our lives or make us terribly ill.In addition to offering key insights into health and diseases, immunology  has provided scientists  and doctors with incredible tools for research, therapeutics and diagnostics. Without immunology, biomedical researchers would be blind. No matter what your line of work may be in pharma or biotech, gaining a good basic understanding of immunology and its applications is essential to bioliteracy.

Each session is customizable by linking content to your company's products and technologies

Target audience 
All professionals involved in oncology drug development. Investors and other enablers of oncology drug pipelines. Regulatory Affairs and regulatory science professionals. Cancer care providers and caregivers that are non-oncologists. Anyone with a strong interest in cancer therapies.
Some familiarity with the field of oncology is recommended.

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