Immuno-oncology for non-biologists Customized sessions

Learn why immunotherapies are a game changer in oncology!


Forty-six years ago, US president Richard Nixon declared the War on Cancer. Many battles have been waged since that day, some were won, many were lost. And then came modern immunotherapies…

Leveraging on our 10 year-long experience in transdisciplinary life science education aimed at busy professionals, this small group course acts as a springboard to explore with confidence all the sciences of immuno-oncology.

It defines with simplicity all the essential notions in biology, oncology and immunology to understand current developments in the field.It makes the invisible world of disease mechanisms and associated immune responses visible and understandable.

It explains the modes of action of all current immunotherapies, the promises they hold but also the concerns and the challenges.

It is a must for anyone who is interested in helping win the war on cancer!

Each session is customizable by linking content to your company's products and technologies.

Target audience 
All professionals involved in oncology drug development. Investors and other enablers of oncology drug pipelines. Regulatory Affairs and regulatory science professionals. Cancer care providers and caregivers that are non-oncologists. Anyone with a strong interest in cancer therapies.
Some familiarity with the field of oncology is recommended.

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