The making of biopharmaceuticals Customized sessions

The whole story of the manufacturing of biologics demystified!


This two day course, designed for all non-biologists, scientists and non-scientists alike, will help you gain a simple, yet thorough vision of all the essential sciences and processes required for the design and production of different biopharmaceuticals, ranging from relatively simple proteins, such as insulin, to complex biologicals, such as monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and pegylated glycoproteins.

The course defines with simplicity all the key steps  starting with the design of the gene expression system, detailing upstream and downstream processing and ending with final product formulation.

It also includes insightful comparisons between innovator drugs and biosimilars, highlighting opportunities, challenges and risks.

Each session is customizable by linking content to your company's products and technologies.

Target audience 
All non-biologists working in the pharma industry, investors, recruiters, journalists, politicians, think tanks, as well as anyone wishing to understand the sciences of biological drug making and the associated challenges and opportunities.
Some exposure to the pharmaceutical sector is recommended. A good night of sleep before is a must (it is a fun, but intensive course!)

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