Oncology for non-oncologists in 2018 Customized sessions

An oncology "toolbox"  for scientists and non-scientists!


This course offers a simplified, yet a scientifically rigorous and comprehensive introduction to cancer. It explains the molecular biology of healthy, dysplastic and neoplastic cells, what  tumors are made off and explores in detail all recognized cancer hallmarks. By so doing, it draws the big picture of oncology and connects specific expert issues to the whole. In addition, it explains various targeted and non-targeted therapeutic strategies from the point of view of biology and biotechnology, Finally it offers an outlook on the future,exploring many exciting prospects: immune checkpoint therapies, cell therapies, new targets, etc.

Each session is customizable by linking content to your company's products and technologies

This course can be seen as a foundation and as a conceptual toolbox to navigate the worlds of oncology with confidence.

Maximum number of participants: 16

Target audience 
Pharma professionals active in the field of oncology, medical doctors (non-oncologists) and biologists wishing to update their knowledge, patients interested in understanding this disease area and anyone else with a strong interest in cancer.
Some familiarity with the field of oncology is recommended.

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