Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Hide & Seek


This course covers all the scientific foundations needed to understand how the adaptive immune system is trained to produce well-behaved killer T-cells, how these T-cells can eliminate tumor cells through the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) and what challenges and opportunities are associated with ICI therapies.

It also includes a first-in-class resource: an interactive glossary of  some 150 science terms  with a growing collection of Biotech Toolboxes.


Biotech toolboxes offer different complementary ways to use relevant key terms, essential for mastering the common territory of all biotechnology. These terms constitute a growing Biotech Toolboxes Encyclopedia, a framework for the creation of shareable life sciences knowledge for all stakeholders in healthcare


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- First Biotech 12-Pack: Oncology

- First module: CAR T cells
  Published May 27, 2019

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Learning objectives:

By the end of the course, you will have a clear conceptual understanding of:

Central immune tolerance
- Peripheral Immune tolerance
- The roles played by dendritic cells
- The importance of PAMPs and DAMPs
- Basic mechanisms of immune checkpoints
- Cancer cell's evasion of cytotoxicity
- The various immune states of solid cancers
- The limitations and dangers of iCI therapies

- Where immunotherapy may be heading


Target Audience:

- Non-scientists working in drug development
- Scientists working in drug development

- Medical doctors in need of CME

- Investors

- Regulatory Affairs professionals

- Nurses and other caregivers

- Patient advocates
University students interested in life sciences
- Anyone with an interest in cancer therapies


Module contents:
    Unit 1 - Introduction
    Unit 2 -
The father of immunotherapy
    Unit 3 -
Central tolerance
    Unit 4 - Peripheral tolerance
    Unit 5 -
The breakthrough
    Unit 6 -
The good and the bad
    Unit 7 - H
ow to make ICIs work better
    Unit 8 - ICIs: Hide & Seek    


Total course duration: 49 minutes



- SBA members: 49 CHF (41 €)
- All others: 59 CHF (49 €)