Oreste GHISALBA, Ph D Professor of Biotechnology CEO, Ghisalba Life Sciences GmbH

Member of the Executive Committee, Swiss Biotech Association and Founder and CEO, Ghisalba Life Sciences GmbH

  • 1962-1966 Professional education as Laboratory Technician (CIBA Ltd. in Basel)
  • 1967-1970 Continuing education (Swiss Maturity Certificate) and professional work at CIBA Ltd. and at the Cantonal Hospital Basel (Clinical Chemistry)
  • 1974 Diploma in Chemistry (University of Basel)
  • 1976 Swiss Certificate in Molecular Biology (University of Basel)
  • 1978 PhD in Microbiology (University of Basel) Thesis: "Biosynthesis of the C7N-unit of the rifamycin-chromophore via the shikimate pathway"
  • 1978-1980 Postdoctoral fellowship (with Prof. Jakob NĂ¼esch, Ciba-Geigy AG)
  • 1982-2008 Head Bioreactions at CIBA-GEIGY (Central Research Laboratories and Pharma Divison) and later at NOVARTIS (Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research)
  • 1983-2006 Lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) Topics: "Technical utilization of biomass - biological processes for biomass conversion"
  • 1984 Award of the Association of Swiss Chemists
  • 1988 Habilitation (Privatdozent) in Microbiology at the University of Basel
  • 1988 Sabbatical at the International Research Laboratories of CIBA-GEIGY Ltd. in Takarazuka (Japan) to establish a new research project on applied enzymology
  • 1990 Appointed Scientific Expert (CIBA-GEIGY)
  • 1991-2002 Programme Director of the Swiss Priority Programme Biotechnology of the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • 1999 Appointed Professor for Biotechnology at the University of Basel
  • 2002 Appointed Individual Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences
  • since 1997 Member of CTI and
  • since 2003 Head of CTI Biotech (Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency CTI)
  • since 2005 Member of the Board/Vice President of the Swiss Biotech Association SBA
  • 2008 Foundation of Ghisalba Life Sciences GmbH

SME Board Memberships:
Biolytix Ltd. and Unitectra Ltd