Roland WINSTON, Ph D Professor of Physics Director, UC Merced Energy Research Institute

Roland Winston is one of the world’s leading solar power experts.


He has taught and conducted research at the University of Chicago for 39 years, where he chaired the Department of Physics for 6 years.


Roland Winston's research interests include elementary particle physics, where he and his colleagues have carried out the definitive investigation of hyperon beta decay, a cornerstone of the standard model of elementary particles, and a new discipline of optics he helped invent called nonimaging optics.


Nonimaging solar collectors that don't need to track the sun have revolutionized solar energy utilization.


In 2003, Roland Winston joined the founding faculty at the University of California at Merced, the latest 10-th campus of the UC system.


He is currently Professor at the School of Natural Sciences & School of Engineering and Director of the UC Merced Energy Research Institute.