Jacques-Pascal CUSINCONTENT CONTRIBUTORNutrition Sustainable Development

Nutrition and sustainable development are two complementary facets of Jacques-Pascal Cusin's professional activity.


Jacques - Pascal became interested for all which is related to the mysteries of life and the interdependence of all its forms in the early 1990s.  This interest made him focus on something very basic and essential: the direct correlation between human health and planetary health. 


It is this postulate that drives his work, motivates his research and inspires his thinking and writings.

In pursuing this correlation, Jacques Pascal became an expert on the corresponding aspect of nutrition (living food) and on sustainability (organic farming and food production, human consumption and natural resources). As an independent thinker on such issues, his works and opinions receive excellent media coverage.


His practical books and guides, magazine articles, essays, and other contributions are intended for the general public.


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