VanyaLOROCH, PhD CORE TEAMBiology & BiotechDrug discovery

Vanya Loroch is a US-trained molecular biologist with nearly 25 years of experience in applying emerging technologies to scientific communication and education.
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Ph.D. in Biology. Area of research: genetics and molecular biology of bacteria and plants. University of California, Santa Cruz, CA, USA.




TEACHING BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES TO... - undergraduate biology students - undergraduate medical students - busy professionals of all venues


DESIGNING ONLINE EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR... - children (prevention) - adults (health promotion) - medical students (medical informatics) - practicing physicians (continuing medical education)


COMMUNICATING VIA... - Scientific writing and editing - Oral and written presentations aimed at expert and novice audiences


IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES... - Fluent in English, French, and Russian. - Conversational skills in German


AND EMPLOYING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY... - Broad general expertise in all IT domains relevant to communication and knowledge management.