Oncology Biotech 12-Pack


Our first Biotech 12 pack explains the key disruptive innovations that are making history in the war on cancer.

The fist module, published on May 27, 2019, covers the scientific foundations needed to understand how Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells are engineered, their mechanism of action, the main challenges associated with CAR T cell therapies and the promises they hold for tomorrow's curative medicine.

It will be followed by 11 additional modules, released approximately once a month.


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- Introduction

- First module: CAR T cells
  Published May 27, 2019

- Second module: Checkpoint inhibitors

  Published September 17, 2019

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- CAR T cell therapies
- Checkpoint inhibitors
- Inflammation: the good, the bad and the ugly
- Early and late hallmarks of cancer
- Making sense of the cancer genome
- CRISPR and other gene editing tools
- Tumor microenvironments
- Cancer stem cells
- Liquid biopsies and early diagnostics
- Cancer vaccines
- Oncolytic viruses and gene therapies
- Cancer epigenetics and epigenomics


Target Audience:


- Non-scientists working in drug development
- Scientists working in drug development

- Medical doctors in need of CME

- Investors

- Regulatory Affairs professionals

- Nurses and other caregivers

- Patient advocates
University students interested in life sciences
- Anyone with an interest in cancer therapies


 Cost (2 free modules included):
- SBA members: 490 CHF (410 €)

- All others: 59O CHF (49O €)