"What a great experience! Thanks to the toolbox, I feel much more confident for my presentations and have learnt to put some distance between the content of my talks and the overall message I want to give to my audiences. I can only strongly recommend following this highly interesting seminar."

Thierry Weber, MD
CEO and Board Member

Vivactis, Medical Communications

The Storyteller's Toolbox workshop takes a surprising, but extremely effective approach. It is different from all other courses I have taken and has truly offered me a toolbox I can rely on to improve my presence in front of an audience."

Marjan van der Haar, PhD
Market development specialist

Thermo Fisher Scientific


"The Storyteller's Toolbox is a great program. It will help you build a bridge to the people you present to. But much more and importantly, it will create an emotional bond with your audience and make your speech or presentation engaging (when you need it be) and memorable.
The program allows you to build and learn these capabilities - also (and most importantly) when they do not come naturally to you. It was a great and very worthwhile investment of time and resources - and above all, also a lot of fun. Highly recommendable!"

S.B., Director Level
Top 5 Pharma Company

"I have attended this Loroch training in 2015. These inspiring days drastically improved my presentation skills. I am now able to engage my audience in a astonishing manner with the simple use of these tools."

Thierry Moreno, CEO & Founder
NV Logistics


"Highly interesting and intense seminar and a lot of fun. Clearly focused on a limited number of take home messages so you can start using the tools right away and improve your presentations immediately. Big thumbs up"

Christian Hertli, MSc
Senior Program Manager

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The Storyteller's Toolbox combines perfectly sound and most recent scientific knowhow with a clear focus on central take home messages. A perfect tool to teach regulatory intelligence and regulatory science project teams!"

Tobias Ostler, PhD
Head of Biologics

Regenold GMBH

"Catching, and keeping, an audience's attention can be a daunting proposition. The Storyteller's Toolbox helps one to understand basic elements we can interweave into our communication in order to better draw our audience into our message. The workshop offered me tools which are easy to remember, practice and use. Having applied the methods in 4 and 8 hour classes which I hold, I can certainly say that they make my job easier - and more fun - and help my audience to stay with me."

Kevin Fox
Associate Professor

Business School Lausanne


"As a result of this workshop I am able to speak more freely in front of an audience. I feel more in control of my stage fright. I now have the tools to get back on track with my presentation in case I get stuck at a certain part. Gaining control of my emotions, having more pace and structure in my speech are all a plus".

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The training gave me nice tools to make a bigger impact on stage. It felt like a drama course to make your corporate presentations effective. Be ready to overcome some barriers and or reservations that you may have and learn from Vanya and your fellow participants about how to best express yourself to achieve the biggest impact."

Business Unit Director



"The workshop really changed our perspective towards the audience. With the learned gestures we could develop another kind of body feeling towards the group we are standing in front of. This was key to all and the nice thing is that it built on gestures we all do anyway but to get these closer and more defined and more visible, This helps a lot. Because we now feel different, more active, more present in front of the audience we gained a higher rate of self-confidence for presenting."

Knowledge Manager
Knowledge Cente

Top 5 Pharma Company

"As a result of this workshop I am able to rate my performance more clearly and objectively, modulate my acting and voice according to target and outcome I want to have."

Livio  Baselgia, Msc ETH
Senior R&D Scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific


"Learning to recognize how basic communication movements overlap with emotive expressions was the most useful part of this workshop as it offered an innovative look at tools we can learn to use to communicate effectively and see (as well as hear) better what others say to us."

Olivier Brenninkmeijer
Associate Dean

Business School Lausanne