Learn biotechnology differently

The need for clear, no-nonsense information in the area of life sciences  is not confined to the educational realm.

Indeed, if communication in science and medicine can serve many purposes, one fundamental objective remains the same: your audience must gain the right knowledge from the information that is being conveyed. Communication in science and medicine is thus always a learning experience.

Let us help you make this learning experience a success.

  • Customized courses
    Customized courses for small groups
    Our courses are modular and allow different levels of customization. From a simple choice of topics to specific methodological and technological developments, our team is ready to design customized trainings that match your learning objectives with Swiss precision.FIND OUT MORE
  • Coaching
    Individual VIP courses
    Whether you need individual training on a specific topic, assistance with analyzing scientific aspects of a project that you are working on or an independent assessment of a proposal with a strong biological component, we may be able to help you in a unique way.FIND OUT MORE
  • Events
    Short educational events
    We can create original material, help format existing content, make presentations and moderate any event where knowledge of life sciences matters. Such events include conferences and symposia, lunch & learn sessions, round-table discussions, interviews, etc.FIND OUT MORE