What do amazing teachers, awesome leaders and outstanding speakers and presenters have in common ?
They master the art of storytelling


And so can you! 

Why ? Because storytelling tools are fundamental  for human  communication, we all have them.  All human communication is made of stories: signals and symbols arraged in a sequence with a specific purpose in mind. 


The symbolic part of human communication is languge and we have spent much time effort to learn how to speak, write and read. But learning how to use signals - body language, our vocal chords - is only taught in performing arts. So most of us end up using these non-verbal communication tools unconsciously, with more or less success. And yet, these tools are incredibly powerful because the create and convey emotions.

The Storyteller's Toolbox method will make you aware of these tools , will show you how to practice them as simple  exercises and how to use them on prupose in different settings: formal and informal presentations and teaching.  What sets our method apart from all other techniques is its simplicity and effectiveness. In just two days of practice , you can become and amazing storyteller.



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